Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex Review

April 25, 2019
Ultra Eliminex review

In my previous article, I talked about detox drinks for a drug test. Some works and some don’t. If you do some research and do not buy some crap quality detox drink like a stinger, you will most likely pass your drug test. You can also use detox pills if you want to be 100% clean, synthetic urine is also a great option for those who just want to pass the test ASAP and continue smoking weed. Using detox drinks for a drug test is somewhere between the above-mentioned methods. They work, they are relatively safe, but I wouldn’t call it a 100% safe method.

What Are The Best Detox Drinks In 2019

In my previous article, I recommended Rescue Cleanse 32Oz and Mega Clean with pre rid pills as the best detox drinks for a drug test. These detox solutions still work very well, their price didn’t increase in the last few years and they still work very well, but there is a new cleansing drink called: Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex. I received many questions regarding these new products, so I thought I will write a quick Ultra Eliminey review and also copy an honest testimonial from one of my readers.

Ultra Eliminex Review

„Hello. I’m sending you this message to say that I actually stand 100% behind Ultra Eliminex. Please take the time to read this as I’m being sincere. I have never had to “flush” my system until October 5, 2018. Mind you, I smoke every single day every chance I get. I had an unfortunate situation occur and got mandated by the court to test, not once, but THREE times so far. The first day my court had recess from 12-2pm so In a panic, I ran to a bp station that had Ultra Eliminex and thought, “I have no other choice but to try it”. It was all that they had and I was beyond nervous due to the bad reviews. Well, I drank 16 oz of water a couple of hours beforehand then drank the gold and 15 minutes later, I drank another bottle of water as directed. I was SO SCARED that I even admitted I smoked like an idiot since they asked me a million questions beforehand and said they’d be able to tell from my levels.

I lied and said I smoked 3 days prior although it was just the night before. Guess what? I passed! The only thing is my creatinine level was 9.3. They asked for another test and I did the same. Passed AGAIN. Creatinine was 9.3 once again. With that, yes, they wanted to test me randomly as they felt I “flushed” because of the low levels. But I tested again today at 2:30 pm and smoked last night at 10 pm. Passed yet again. I will say that I stand behind it as it’s saved my life, but the killer is that your level will be low for creatinine so maybe a supplement of monohydrate along with it? So, it works, but creatinine levels become low so therefore it’s up to the drug tester to pass or make it inclusive. But please take my word that it worked for me! They retested so quickly because of the low level but NEGATIVE. I hope this helps! So Ultra Eliminex is the best?

I’ll be needing another flush for March 7 and am scared to try something different as this has worked for me. Urine was too clear though so I got lucky it wasn’t inclusive. I hope this helped a bit! Thank you! Jessica”

Ultra Eliminex review

As you can see Ultra Eliminex works like a charm, it also worked for me when I tested it on a home drug test, but I also personally know 2 guys who have passed his test in the last 2 months. I do not want to go into more details on how to use it. For a proper Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex review, please click here. The guy who published that article actually used Ultra Eliminex on several drug tests and always passed. I know him personally, so it’s not some kind of bullshit promotion.

If Ultra Eliminex is not an option, I would recommend Mega Clean with Toxin Rid detox pills combo, this combo can be bought for only 69$ if it’s not available either I would say Rescue Cleanse 32Oz is a really good alternative. Not as strong as Ultra Eliminex, but if you are not a chain smoker, it will probably take you thorugh the drug test. Same rules apply for every single detox drink, do not smoke or use drugs in the last 48 hours, if you can stay away from them for 3-4 days that’s even better. Drink plenty of water, avoid fast foods, sugary drinks, and coffee. That’s it guys, I will talk about detox pills for a drug test in my next article.