Marijuana Detox Drinks for Drug Test

November 10, 2017

There are different ways to pass a urine drug test, the best ifs probably to use marijuana detox drinks, or we can call them drug detox drinks or marijuana cleansing drinks, they all mean the same. Its the recommended method if the test is supervised, but if its not, you still can use it, its very safe and doesn’t cost a fotrune. I will breefly go through on detox drinks and how to use them, what works and what doesn’t for more deeper reviews click here.

Weed detox drinks – what works?

A good quality marijuana detox drink costs around 40-50 dollar, if you want something special like Mega clean Toxin Rid combo, then the price go up to 69$. But a really good quality, strong detox drink like Rescue Cleanse 32Oz costs only 50$.

These detox drinks all work the same way, drink the contents of the bottle 1-2 hours before the urine test, refill it twice, then urinate 2-3x before the test, i you did everything well and you bought the right detox solution then your piss will be clear in the next 4-5 hours. Its important to stop smoking weed in the last few days before the test, if you don’t chances are high that you will fail, even if you boguth an expensive cleansing drink.

I recently got this message on one of my youtube videos, this guy used the best detox drink for weed, which is mega clean, step by step instructions on how to take mega clean and pass a urine drug test like a champ.

How to pass a urine drug test with detox drinks

detox drinks for marijuana

Peace Family. I last smoked last week On Wed Aug 16th, 2017. Found out the next day that I would be taking a pre employment test on Today Thur August 24th, 2017. On the 17th of August I immediately went and bought a 7 day detox kit from GNC along with a bottle of Natures Sunshine Enviro-Detox pills and a bottle of MegaCleanse from the vitamin store.

I took the 7 day Detox as directed and the Enviro Detox pills as well. This morning I got up and drank a bottle of Gatorade with certo around 8am. At 930am i drank the MegaClense and another bottle of Gatorade with certo and took 5 aspirins along with 10 detox pills.

I did urinate about 4-6 times before my sample was taken at approximately 12:36 pm today. Whats your opinion on my chances of passing. Would appreciate feedback at your earliest Convenience. it was a urine test.


As you can see he passed the test using mega clean with pre rid pills. To enchane the effectivenes of any detox drink its good to stop using marijuana a couple of days before the test and if you have some spare money, then buy some high quality detox pill like toxin rid.

Combining any marijuana detox drink with Toxin rid is a strong combo, even if the detox drink is not the highest quality (there are so many low quality, cheap detox solution on the market).

Marijuana Detox Drinks that DON’t work

There are some detox drink what I wouldn’t recommend, I have tested some of these, some was tested by my buddies or forum members,these THC detox drinks all failed the test, it might work for some but didn’t work for us, and I highly recommend you to check some detox reviews before buying anything, so here is the list:

  1. Qcarbo16
  2. Vale Detox
  3. Jazz detox drink
  4. Ultimate Gold
  5. Magnum Detox
  6. Champ flush out
  7. Rescue detox Ice
  8. Test Pure Platinummarijuana detox drinks

The list is actually longer, but these are the most well known ones, its better to keep it in mind, these are mostly just colored water with some added artificonal taste. Do not buy something cheap and untrusted from amazon, just to save a few bucks. If you are looking for quality Detox drinks for THC, then I suggest:

  1. Rescue Cleanse 32
  2. Mega Clean
  3. Absoute Detox
  4. XXtra Clean

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